A.21 Jailbreaker (Production part 2)

Choosing an opening style for the phone involves consideration of how the inside will animate out of the centre of the phone covering the base and all four sides. To help with this visualisation, I took inspiration from pop up book engineer Matthew Reinhart.

In his creations, Reinhart builds with folds on top of folds. This enables the pop up to utilise one force (the opening of the central fold) and make it cause linked movement in other directions further away from the central part of the book. This is what I need to do too, since the animations can only originate from inside the phone and need to spread out over the sides.


Reinhart also delays part of the animation by creating 3 different trigger folds in the centre of the book, all at different sizes. This gives the animation longevity, something i’m sure I can easily achieve by keyframing different parts to set off in cannon.

Choosing a style

I won’t use the toolbox style of opening because it doesn’t utilise the space above the phone very well. I’m currently torn between the inward and outward flap movements. Although now after analysing all my renders together, I think it would be worth returning to the drawing board, to make another new style.

Firstly because the way I chopped up the phone makes for a final shape much longer than it is wide. Secondly, I think that combining the toolbox approach with the flap approach could yield a more interesting and complex animation, providing me with many levels to play with.


Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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