A.20 Jailbreaker (Production part 1)

Today I began production of my Jailbreaker Gif. Since I am now fairly certain that the whole shot will be produced in Cinema4D, I built the blocks straight into this software. When I first started laying out the scene I tested the isometric view against the perspective one and preferred the perspective projection. Since completing the scene and making these screenshots however, I have changed my mind and now prefer the exact iso projection.

Perspective at 45 degrees

Next, I moved on to the phone itself and the mass of colourful abstract shape that will appear to grow out of it as it is jailbroken.


Above is what I produced and showed at my group crit this afternoon:

Below is the original idea sheet (blue ink)  with annotations (black ink) from the feedback I received.



1. Colours
The colours are currently quite playful and friendly. They should be fun, but these pastel hues are easily associated with childishness. I should consider colours that are more closely associated with hacking and digitally.

2. Context
Currently the abstract shapes move well but, it would be nice to see some moving parts that are associated with the theme of jailbreaking. A roller coaster for example could nicely display how jailbreaking is done for fun. A rocket could represent advancements in the phone’s existing tech enabled by jailbreaking.

3. Phone opening
Having all of these animated assets sit on top of the phone, does not really communicate the ‘-break’ aspect of the jailbroken phone. Even if you were to animate the pieces growing out of the phone, this still wouldn’t quite hit the mark. Consider animating the phone busting open, or coming apart like a tool box.



Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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