A.18 Jailbreaker (ideas)

This gif is to accompany the AdHac question No.4: Have you ever jailbroken a mobile phone or device? For this treatment, I immediately thought of the following gif from PANIC because of its wobbly wires…



The only thing I know about jailbreaking (mobile phones) is that it involves hooking the phone up to a computer with a wire and unlocking the phone from there. I think the association of hacking through a wire brought me visually to this conclusion.

I’d also like to create something where the phone in my gif literally unlocks and folds open like a treasure chest or pop up book, revealing intricate details inside. Currently, I envision the unlocked phone looking like one of these abstract C4D scenes from Danny Jones.



While sketching some ideas, I’ve also considered the possibility of utilising an isometric approach. The piece below I feel could do well as something that would come out of the phone as it is unlocked as it seems to hover on those flat translucent squares on the bottom.


I also like how monument valley handles isometric projection by utilising blocks and levels.


Colour Treatment Reference



Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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