A.17 Structure 03: Delay

Now that the images are loading up in the Gif Mode of my AdHac, I want to make them appear in sequence. After considering other display options, like displaying the gifs in a grid or as layers that make up one gif, i’ve decided to stay with my original plan to play them out as a sequence. Thus constructing a generative video output, dependent on the input of the user during the first half (quiz part) of the AdHac.

At the same time as this reform, I tried to also change the images to display gifs instead. It quickly became apparent that this was a larger task than I had first anticipated (see A.18 Structure 04: The Gif Library Fiasco).

In the end, without having to deal with gifs and their lengths, it was actually very easy to delay the appearance of the images with the following lines of code.


The red background (255,0,0) is just to show that the mode is working. Here is how my structure now work with the delay in place.


Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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