C.01 How To Build A Vending Machine

This branch of my FMP stems directly from the post A.13 Tactile Takeaway. After deciding that I wanted medals to be distributed to users of the quiz I had a vision for a system that delivers the appropriate medal automatically, this fits in with the overriding theme for the year that systems can replace mundane tasks usually undertaken by the user.

The aim of this project is to build a system that will take the data from my AdHac quiz, (an application built in processing and run on an iMac) and use it to trigger a vending mechanism that will dispense one of 3 different token types.

My initial vision for it is as follows:

001diagram copy.png

1. Processing provides the data, an number that indicates which of the 3 categories the user falls into

2. JavaScript (?), embeds the AdHac quiz application and sends the informatio to the printer.

3. The user must take the printout and put it in the vending machine

4. An arduino (?) sensor picks up the details on the print and this triggers the vending of one of the three medal types.

I asked Spencer for his advice and on this, mainly to see if it was a viable option his comments are as follows.



Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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