A.16 ASCII Art (Again)

After completing the newest gif for B A Start, I noticed that the standard of my gifs had been raised and that ASCII Art was now lagging behind. Since it was clear by this point, that not all of the gifs would fall into the same low res, collage-remix like, 90’s / 00’s style that I set out to achieve at the beginning, I felt it was appropriate to revisit the gif and tone it down. The overcomplicated layers and the low quality animation of the completed dinosaur were the parts that made the gif stick out as something low quality.

The original gif

The first time around I wanted to animate the ASCII Dinosaur with a walk cycle, though I knew it would take a while to redraw all the frames with ASCII characters and, at the time, a low quality rotation like pictured above did just fine.

Returning to the gif, I sketched out a walk cycle in photoshop first to use as a guide for my ASCII characters.



I still felt that recreating each frame of the cycle with ASCII characters in notepad would be very time consuming, and already after spending a good few hours on the walk cycle, I chose a workaround.

I found a website that converted images into ASCII text and used this to convert each frame.


After putting this new work cycle into my animation, I cleaned up the middle section to make it easier to understand. (With the fast pace of the gif, I was concerned that obscuring the image with many layers meant that some communication would be lost). Here are the old and new versions of the gif next to one another, for reference.


Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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