A.13/D.01 Tactile Takeaway

Originally, when thinking of what people could take away from their experience with AdHac, I envisioned that people would be able to share their video outputs on social media. Since then, this idea has turned stale in my mind, I highly doubt that interest will be high enough to stir members of the public to post these and I doubt further that their peers/followers will find it interesting.

Instead I would really like the user to be able to take away a physical version of the icon medal that the person ‘wins’ by playing the AdHac. Since the medals are physical, I think they should be dispensed automatically. I’ll need to build a physical dispenser that responds to an output from the programme. This will have to work by some sort of sensor that reacts to what is on the screen, or a print out that can be used as a key for the dispenser.


I’d like to make the medals out of acrylic, inspired by these game tokens I was given.


A while ago I recall talking to a student who designed and built his own game. He also produced these acrylic tokens as take-home branding to support it. They weren’t used as part of the game, in fact they were essentially glorified business cards. Clearly they have a better longevity than their paper counter parts, since I still have them years later.

To make dispensing easier, it’d be wise to design all the medals to have the same outward shape and size, without any extruding parts. In terms of each individual icon design, I’m looking back to my mind map of association from Content Sharing. Since those icons were the first to spring to mind when I created the categories. I want to keep the icons pretty straight forward so that I can focus of physical production and animated assets.



Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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