A.13 Content Sharing

I want to build in a share-ability aspect to this project. But even with that applied, the content needs to be something that people will actually want to share.

Probably the most popular type of content that (aside from statuses tweets and photos they have made themselves) people are most eager to share is, unsurprisingly, content that tells people about themselves.


Maybe this is a reflection of how self-centred we have become as individuals, since I don’t find this content profound in the slightest and it only really carries meaning for those that this content is about. Although it would be silly to ignore the power of putting the user in the spotlight of the content you want them to share, I also want my philosophy to come across.

The whole driving force behind AdHac is to get people to realise that they are capable of using computers in a context beyond the user interface. Taking the AdHac quiz should help the user to realise that they may already possess the traits of a programmer, and that tech is not so scary when you think of all the ways you have already successfully manipulated it.

It would be ideal if the quiz triggered an end narrative between user and computer. Something where the computer actually feeds back to the user, based on their results. Perhaps a recommendation of the best coding language to get started with… This goes further than changing people’s perceptions it actually incites people to act on this new view of coding.

If I can find a way to match the personality traits I defined in Personalisation to languages or even uses for programming, that would be a really good jumping off point for the user to influence them to give coding a go. Below is a very primitive association chart where i’ve begun to draw up ways I think coding may connect to these traits.


After a chat with a friend of mine in IT, I was able to expand on the map. I will need to have another talk with my tutor to get some more informed opinions on this though.


Exporting from Processing

What i’ll need to do to get the video output generated from the AdHac application to social media is to find some way of exporting only the gifMode section and hosting that online somewhere so that the user can access and share a link to it.

From this video by Daniel Schiffman he demonstrates (from 8:00 onward) that you can choose when the frames displayed are being saved out or not. I can code this into AdHac, however, the process after that whereby each frame is compiled into a video and then uploaded somewhere are all actions the user needs to take out. I would need to make some sort of macro that hosts my processing sketch, allows it to run, and each time it runs through to gifMode it renders and uploads the video.

I would then need to add a shareMode onto my sketch, to ask the user if they would like to keep their video and share it online. If yes, the user gets sent a link (will need to request an email…) if not, the upload is deleted.

Things to consider:
– Where will this be hosted? (Online/Desktop?)
– Where will the images be exported?
– Where will the online videos be hosted? (May need a microsite with upload allowances)
– Can a macro like this run between programs? (Maybe I need to write a script)


Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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