A.10 B A Start

I’m struggling with the art direction on this one. Since IKEA led me to veer away from the low res collage-style approach, I want to bring it back but cannot quite get it to work stylistically. I’m using 3 examples of video game cheats: The Konami Code, Motherlode for the Sims and Vehicle Spawn for GTA 5.

Instead of this collage treatment, I’d prefer to utilise what I know best, which is Motion Graphics. I’m inspired by the titles for FITC Toronto 2016 because it is so fast paced and engaging, where as what i’ve made so far is confusing and boring.

As I watch this and think ‘why not use the skills I have in motion design to create an output as punchy as this one?’ It references games with subtlety and grace, so that those who know, will know, and those who don’t still enjoy it.

New Treatment

img_2636 fullsizerender-2

Above, I have thumbnailed out some potential shots that I have had in mind. Many inspired by the high energy animated treatment of this ASDF clip:

My only concern is that these treatments involve a visual representation of the user, which, even if I collect gender information always runs the risk of representing the person completely wrong. It may be much easier to develop something a little more abstract, say perhaps just the controller in the air, as illustrated below:


I am also very eager to utilise the Greyscale Gorilla tutorial on how to get a pixelated render from Cinema 4D. I love the visual appeal of this and I believe it will help me tremendously for this shot. It also means that the flat mograph style I was thinking of using for this shot can be used elsewhere now.


I now realise that this project could become a chance for me to try many styles of Motion Graphics, and even learn a few new treatments and techniques.


Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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