A.06: Processing Week 4

In this session, I realised that I could (and actually probably will) use proccessing to build the interactive structure around my AdHac output. I learned that processing has the ability to store and display animated .gifs (as long as they are not too large or too numerous). So I would like to spend the rest of next week developing my own code structure.

Today however was just an open session where we asked to learn specific things. We covered the gif library, a digital countdown and storage of user input in arrays. The latter is the most important to me as I will be using this principle to build my interactive piece.

The Gif Library
This was a pretty simple tutorial, the gif library can be downloaded from GitHub: https://extrapixel.github.io/gif-animation/. The gifs you want to use should be stored in the data folder, much like the images from the previous week of processing.

Digital Countdown
Here James guided us through writing the code for a countdown clock using the frame counter in a loop. I understood the way the code worked and was able to write my own if statement to make the clock show a zero prefix if the number (mins or hours) falls below 10. After the session I wanted to add some graphical elements and a pointer that circled around the countdown. I tried to code in a curved path using exponential equations on the X and Y postition. A couple hours in to this endeavour and I discovered that this is not how people generally code curved or circular paths, and that in fact I had made it difficult for myself by trying to do it like this.

User input storage in arrays
If I was to build an interactive video generator for AdHac i’d need to know how to store and utilise user input as part of my ‘quiz’. I asked James to take us through this and recorded the entire process for my own records.


Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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