A.05 Processing Week 3 (again)

With the next session for processing tomorrow, I looked through what I had produced and decided to have another go at it. This is mostly because I wanted to produce something that would contribute, or at least link more to the work I am doing this year.

So in light of my recent experimentation in AdHac, I decided to push this through the same treatment. The first experiment utilised stills from the video time lapse of me building the dinosaur, but I didn’t like the outcome so much. I feel like this is because the images themselves are supposed to work in sequence so the jitter effect doesn’t work so well. This influenced me to go on to use stills from the actual AdHac render I made as the edit is not so linear and visually the composition is more sporadic. This worked much better, and I even edited some of the code so that it would show certain stills more often, giving me an element of control over it’s parameters.


Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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