A.01: Constraints

To start with, i’ll model the first version of Ad Hac on myself. Documenting all of the ways I’ve demonstrated a hacking, ad hoc or DIY mentality throughout my life.

The vision I have for the style of this project is one that is quite overloaded, collage-like and GIF-able. Taking inspiration from the following. (click them)


First though, its important that I define my constraints more clearly, as metioned earlier in last week’s post. So that I can create a list of good examples from my life. If done well, other people will find that they do have done some of these, and there will be suitable overlap. Then i’ll be able to provide the most popular items in my questionnaire.

I constructed my own method to narrow down my constraints, by making a list of all the examples I could think of that included a hacking/modifying mindset. Some interesting keywords arose from this exercise:

Original, Inventive, Functional, Tampering

Below is the full list with examples suggested by my peers (note that these people are also millenials). I highlighted the suggestions I believed fit well into my project.


It seems that the hacking activities fall into two main categories:  Digital and Physical. The digital ‘hacks’ usually involve the user tampering with the code of something, using cheat codes, creating and using something visual. The physical ‘hacks’ on the other hand usually require a complete repurpose of the object, and sometimes a deconstruction of that object. Although some of the items on this list are physical repurposes of an object, I chose only the most extreme. There is also one digital modification that fits into a physical category: Creating emojis from punctuation requires a complete repurpose of the symbols and letters we (should) use to type strings of text.

From the list I drew up with my peers, I have shortlisted 4 AdHacs that i would like to base my initial experimentation around.

  • AdHac 1: ASCII Art – Creating imges from lines of plain text
  • AdHac 2: Motherlode – The famous Sims 2 cheat code that basically everyone used
  • AdHac 3: IKEA – Buying the parts for one piece of furniture from IKEA and building something completely different with them
  • AdHac 4: Cable Guy – Exploiting the fact that lego hands fit iphone charger cables prefectly

Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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