SS.0.04 Outcome proposals

For today’s session, we are expected to deliver a visual proposal of our final year outcomes. I felt that to best illustrate this, I should sketch up how I envision my work to be presented at the end of year show.

First, I sketched out how I would present the results of my special study.

  • On the large screen, I’ll loop a 1 min presentation/advertisement for my script. That briefly outlines what it does and its capabilities.
  • I’m also considering presenting the full tutorial that i’ll be making for this script. Potentially this will also be shown on the large screen, but only when the viewer, but only when someone wants to watch it. This would mean installing a play button, providing headphones and setting the screen up so that it loops the short ad until a viewer presses play to run the tutorial. Alternatively, I can make do with just outlining the content of the tutorial in my special study book/zine and attaching a QR code to the tutorial online somewhere in the vicinity.
  • As aforementioned, i’ll also be presenting a book of my script  and all the expressions and other chunks of code I developed as part of my special study. Each section will introduce the code, provide a short insight into the development process and showcase what it can do.
  • The last piece in this section falls under my FMP rather than the special study. Its an interactive haptic manifestation of the code my script is built on. In this example I have sketched a machine that selects a new colour at random, while ensuring that the same colour is not picked successively. This was inspired by the code I wrote for After Effects a few weeks ago. This piece is a step towards engaging viewers who may not be so interested in the inner working of after effects by bringing the thought process out of the screen and showing what task the code can undertake.


Secondly, I sketched up how my other two FMP outcomes will be presented.

  • The large screen will show my main piece, which is a homage to the DIY culture in the motion graphics industry. This is likely to be a motion graphics piece, though i have considered an interactive timeline as an alternative approach.
  • On the small screen there will be an interactive quiz where people can check off all the types of ‘hacking’ they have done in their lifetime. This will then generate a video comprised of clips I have premade that should tell the (brief) history of that user’s involvement in this ‘hack’ culture. The idea is that those born closer to the end of the 20th century will have grown up with computers and feel more comfortable making modifications and designing their own user experience.



Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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