Ugh, books

Last Wednesday in my meeting with my mentor, I established a plan to prepare myself for next Tuesday, where i’ll be attending a meetup with motion designers and others in my field. I want to be able to ask the appropriate questions to begin my primary disstertation research and hold up an indepth discussion with people about the DIY culture surrounding the motion design industry. In order to do this, I set myself research tasks… and 7 days later and I have done none of them.

I felt it time to revisit and adjust my plan, tackling the most daunting parts first: reading and organising my findings.

During my meeting, my mentor showed me how best to approach Manovich’s Software Takes Command. To get the most out of my book in the shortest time, I needed to skim and scan it, not read the whole thing cover to cover as I was originally planning.

Above are the subjects I wanted to read around and the page numbers they returned from the idex. Since ‘After Effects’ returned the most results, I began there. Visiting each mention of After Effects in the book and summarising what I found in that section, determining whether it was useful to me or not.


Through this process, I developed a system for organising my reading. When I fill a page of summaries, I can read the sections I picked out in green and yellow then continue.

Links will appear here as I make my way through the sections I picked out above:

Page 39-42 [Here]

Page 43 -51 …




Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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