SS.1.01 Processing Week 01

Today begins the first week of working with processing in process and production. I really enjoyed this session because it involved creating images with calculated shapes, something i’m quite at ease with and is usually a technique I use in illustrator. Usually my obsession over the geometry of my work holds me back, but here it made everything easier to understand.

Firstly we were taught the basics of the programming language, then allowed 15 mins to create our own images with the knowledge we’d just learned.




Above is my process in motion and below is the final stage of my code and the sketch it produced.


But why use processing when I can make things like this (and better) in Illustrator?

Good question, the answer is that processing has the added benefit of interactivity both, reading/reacting to user input and printing data and results.

To demonstrate this, we were then introduced to code that created circles at the postion of the cursor each time it was logged. Then on top of of this code we added other variables like keyboard clicks to change color and size of the generated circle. Below is the final stage of the code, where the colour of the circles changed depending on where the cursor is positioned on the canvas.



Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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