Research Map 001


This is the first installment of my research map, after reading the introduction of Software Takes Command and setting out the ideas and potential areas of interest for my dissertation in order to write my Abstract.

Orange denotes facts and events in the brief history of After Effects and its community of users. Blue denotes ideas (light) and arguments (dark) that can be explored in my dissertation.

SimpleMind also allows me to make notes on the individual bubbles. I’m using this to escreen-shot-2016-11-13-at-23-14-14xpand on those points, and get down the ideas and frame of mind I was in when I created them. Some notes have flagged up issues and areas that require more research. Beneath each update from now on, I will be recording the queries that arise every time I make a modification to the map.

Innovation in Motion Graphics?
How does innovation come about in the motion graphics industry?
How do trends, new styles and techniques come about?

Ownership, originality & creativity
Where will new ideas come from?
If you use a plugin/template/script is it your work?

Commodifying,copyright and copyleft
Does Adobe encourage this activity?
Should be market be kept open?
Should individuals profit from their contributions?

Is the sandpit infinte?
How much open source material is too much?
Will this ever become privatised/controlled/comodified?

Past and future factors
How the role of DIY culture has changed over time and in phase with the fluctuation of trends. How it is expecting to change.


Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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