Planning a Research Approach

On November 15th, I will be attending Sauce, it’s a talk at Animade in London and it will be the first time I have networked with the Motion Graphics community since I began my project. This is my first chance to collect some good quality primary research that will flesh out my dissertation argument and inform my FMP work and Special Study.

In order to make the most of this trip, I need to prepare. This involves:

  • Building my knowledge of what happening in the industry, so I am up-to-date, and know what i’m talking about
  • Reading around my dissertation literature, so I can pin-point the important topics/questions/argument and use this to…
  • …prepare what questions I need to ask
  • Lastly, prepare a research collection approach that fits nicely into the causal social context (will I pose the questions at the event and ask for quotes over email? always keep thinking… do I want quantity or quality?)

From these bullet points, I have begun to formulate a more indepth plan, across the next two weeks, I need to conduct 3 different types of research,

  • Firstly, I need to read Software Takes Command and formulate my argument structure, by mind mapping the important parts and use it to develop my questions.
  • Secondly, I need to listen to the animators podcast, prioritising the episodes with people who develop plugins and scripts for After Effects
  • Thirdly, i’ll read articles on motionographer, again prioritising the ones that surround modifications to After Effects.

I was expecting originally to create 2 separate mind maps out of this process: One for important people and turning points in the industry (as I mentioned earlier in the week, this in itself could turn into an output of its own, in the form of a timeline), and another highlighting the points and arguments surrounding DIY culture in motion design. Now however, due to the fluidity and interchangeability of my research, I think I would benefit from having one mind map that holds both. I can then use colour to define where each item sits on the spectrum from Event or Fact to Idea or Argument.

This changes my Progress Bar model plan but only slightly, it is the nature of that model to be easily altered depending on shifts in my ideas.



Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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