Widening the Research Map

In my meeting with Brent today, we were encouraged to begin thinking about our research for the year for dissertation, special study and FMP.


We were encouraged to filter and organise our research as we went along to make sense of it. Brent asked me what i’d be expecting to collect, I said i’d likely end up with a lot of information about influential people and their contributions to the modern mixing pot of After Effect modifications over the last 5 years. He suggested I organise my research into a timeline. I ran with this idea and quickly ended up with a vision of a scrollytelling site, that displays an animated timeline of all of the most influential contributions to the industry.

One other strategy he recommended we use was to take key words from our focus of research and define them outside the topic of our study. This helps us to make connections outside of the topic and hopefully find some useful areas to expand our project into.

I put this strategy into place for my own research topics, I used a mind map as my visual tool. The final stage of it is pictured below.



Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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