Final Major Project Proposal (again)

After much deliberation and a meeting with Spencer, I decided to change the focus of my final major project to another idea. This is not completely out of the blue as I have been battling with these two ideas for the majority of the summer preceeding my induction to final year.

Ultimately, what stirred me to change my mind was the lecture we had the previous week about dissertations. The lecture covered the attributes of a traditional, academic dissertation versus a creative one. This made me realise that I had designed my FMP and dissertation to fit into the mould of a traditional dissertation, when really I had way more scope to write creatively without needing to come out with a solid discovery.

To help with my decision, I illustrated how each idea would triangulate across the final major project, special study and dissertation.



I took this to my discussion with Spencer, who suggested I read Lev Manovich’s Software Takes Command. I think this will become a centre piece to my selected literature, and I will begin mapping out this literature by looking at responses to the book and the sources Manovich used. Once I’ve established an understanding of the DIY culture in design, I will apply this the the motion graphics industry, and investigate the advantages and shortcomings of user developed software.

Now with a solid idea for my dissertation and JavaScript as my new focus for a special study, the hard part was thinking of a suitable final major project. I had a vision in mind for the degree show. I’d want to display what I had created through my special study (most likely a script for AE) and make it accesible to people who are not necessarily in tune with the software. To do this I proposed also displaying a physical manifestation of the process staking place within my script, something haptic and interactive that people can play with. The design for this will take inspiration from toys designed to introduce children to programming.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I started by writing a shaky first draft of a new FMP proposal and brought it to Brent. Here is a summary of his feedback, indicated through the annotations on the printed proposal.

  • Focus on the ideas you put forward in 3 sections: display (of your special study product), Physical manifestation/ visualisation, and Homage to the DIY culture on the motion graphics industry
  • It help help to identify 3 different target audiences
  • You mentioned you want to be a Javascript ‘wizard’, why not run with that use wizardry as your topic. Your homage is celebratory after all.
  • Explore the meaning of ‘script’, see if you can draw parralells between javascript and scriptwriting
  • Your ‘purpose’ could well be proving that designing a script is still design and should be seen and appreciated as a creative practice
  • Think about getting your homage published under this argument. Look at nobrow and gestalten books.




Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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