Reluctance/Appreciation Cont’d

So with this in mind, I set about creating a test to play about with in the following Tuesday’s workshop.


Using instructions and help sheets I found here and here, I designed and created a diagram from the A-Level physics curriculum so that it would move in 4 frames.


I wanted to try both a regular Moire experiment and a circular one. I had to modify the design for the circular vesion because with the arrows on a diagonal they would not appear when I wanted them to. circularslit

As a principle the moire slit effect works better with photographs due to how little of the image is actually seen through the slits. The brain has to work to make up the rest of the image it cannot see. Nevertheless I was willing to try this out as a test.

I used the UV printer because I knew it could print onto acetate and that it would print with accuracy. I wanted ink on acetate rather than physical laser cut slits because it would come out more sturdy as a full piece and therefore have a longer life if used as a classroom resource.

The first test for my base sheet was white ink onto black card. The ink didn’t completely stick though and the contrast wasn’t very strong.


I ran a second print, black ink onto white card and this came out much clearer.




I noticed that after a couple of uses, the ink started to scratch away from the acetate. I’d need to find a way to make it stay longer if this is to be used as a physical resource in the classroom. Still, the main focus of my project is on the digital learning platform. Futhermore, this exercise is purely me just testing the waters to see if I can expand this project into print as well as digital.




Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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