Things I Like #001

by Ahn Sang-Soo
Ahn Sang-soo’s thoughtful and universally accessible response to a brief from the Life Peace Organisation, to create a symbol for the new Korean peace movement. I read the case study of his design process in the book ‘Graphic Design Process: From Problem to Solution’, and I was particularly drawn to his though process. Firstly he studied Chinese characters and the way one word can be made from two characters depending on how they are positioned relative to each other. Then his glyphic outcome came from a combination of careful thought, masses of sketching and recalling an old project he had done for its distinct style. (Bomb fishes, a typographic poster he had made in 1991.)


I particularly admired that when he was happy with his petroglyphic outcome, he continued to make daily renders of it, a meditative practice that he invited other artists into. More from Ahn Sang-soo.

Rue des cascades
by Chnpqrz
Source: Rue des cascades

I don’t know what it is but I want it.


Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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