This morning I was reluctant to attend today’s workshop. The purpose of this guided tour/demonstration session was to show us what physical process resources were available to us on campus.

I also believe that Brent was eager to get us using these resources not only to better our outcomes but also to make use of the subsidised resources. After all, its a shame for these resources to go unused, because the majority of the year group are unaware, or because our visions of what can be done are largely confined to the studio.

Regardless, I was aware that i’d entered this year with a little too much on my mind. I’d set my parameters too early and, with and end goal in mind, I was less open to ideas that didn’t obviously fit into this vision. I knew i’d have to be more flexible with my parameters, but I am reluctant to do so for fear of loosing structure, loosing focus, or coming away with a majorly compromised version of my original vision.

Throughout the morning as we were shown photo studios, uv printers and rug making machines, my inner reactions were a constant stream of “Cool… but not for me”. It was only later when I began to relax, and stop worrying about the end goal and open my mind that I began to get ideas. It seems that lunch was a turning point for me because, as we started to look at the Mimaki UV printer and all the things it could do. I considered having a go at printing something that could accompany my learning platform.

Like, i’m legit thinking of those groovy bookmarks that everyone had in 2004 that change image as you rotate them.


Another thing that caught my attention was how beautifully and cleanly it printed onto acetate. I’d spotted a test someone had made lying around in the print room and while admiring the print quality, another idea came to mind.

Could printing on acetate…
plus Moire (slit) animation..


equal handheld realtime physically interactive motion diagrams??

as in..

a physical manifestation of my learning platform that engages the user completely?

as well as..

a ‘quantum’ dimension to my final major project?

Now i’m beginning to appreciate the scope and potential of physical practices. And that my idea is not to ingrained into the digital world to have a physical application too.


Author: Pip Williamson

Pip // Animator & Motion Designer

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